Once you have activated Alva's integration with Jobylon you are ready to start sending out assessments to your job applicants directly through Jobylon. 

The first step is to add an Alva trigger to your recruitment process. We recommend adding Alva's assessments as early as possible to the process. This will help you decrease biases and start hiring based on actual predictors of success on the job. You can read more about our recommended recruitment process HERE

Review the full guide of how to use Alva in Jobylon HERE.

Send out Alva assessments in Jobylon

There are two ways to send out Alva's assessments through Jobylon. 

  • Send out the tests through the candidate profile.
  • Send out tests to multiple candidates at once by checking all the candidates you like to receive an invitation to complete the tests and press the checkmark at the top. 

Log for assessments sent

In the candidates log you can easily see if the tests have been sent out to the candidates. 

Assessment Profiles

When sending out tests through Jobylon you have to go into Alva to change the assessment profile as needed. Once you have sent out tests through Jobylon, a job position with the same name will be created in Alva. Log into Alva and follow the instructions of changing the assessment profile to ensure that your candidates are being evaluated against the correct criteria. 

Review assessment results

You can easily filter to see the assessment results of your candidates in the column view. Click the cog wheel in the top right and check the box for Alva to filter for test results. 

In the candidate profiles you can see the assessment results as the percentage of role fit. You can also access the full assessment results in Alva by pressing the link for "View detailed results".  Read more about how to review the assessment results in Alva HERE

Alva support

Leverage intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner here and on the platform.

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