“Weighted” means that a weighted average is displayed. The weight i calculated based on the first question in each review: “How well do you feel that you can assess the co-worker's performance?”. We call that question our “relevance question”. The answer to that question is a number between 1 and 10. The calculations will weigh someone who answers 10 to that question twice as high as someone who answers 1. 

Example: A person has received two reviews. From the first review, the person received “relevance” 1 and a score of 4 and from the second review “relevance” 10 and a score of 8. The absolute average value is (4 + 8)/2 = 6. With weighted calculations the second review will be weighted twice as high as the first one, giving a weighted average of (4*1 + 8*2)/3 = 6.67. The fact that the weighted average is higher than the absolute average means that the person in question received higher scores from the people who feel they can assess him or her accurately, compared to others. 

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