Drivers tend to be action-oriented and like to turn plans and ideas into practice. They like to set ambitious goals, work towards them, and track progress, and are strongly motivated by seeing concrete results. Their strong belief in their own ability makes them apt at taking risks and solving problems. They enjoy new ideas and trying out new opportunities, but only when combined with a clear results focus. Working at a high tempo suits them well, and they have no problem driving others forward. Overall, they prefer to lead rather than follow, and are good at taking own initiatives - they do not wait for someone else to tell them what to do. 

Prominent strengths: 

  • ‘Doers’ who make things happen
  • Strong at results-oriented leadership
  • Strategic mind

Potential challenges: 

  • Taking other people’s perspective
  • Reflecting and thinking through alternatives before taking action
  • Can come across as pushy and overly demanding
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