Release Notes

Now it's easier to manage all your jobs openings, candidates and test profiles across your whole organisation. This helps you to keep an overview of the status of each candidate and the important information about each job opening.


  • Manage all your test profiles in one place

  • Manage candidates status from when they apply to when they join

  • Bring candidates onboard, by converting them into employees

  • Involve the right team-members in each job position with the new Hiring Team settings

  • Quickly search for specific candidates

  • Evaluate candidates against several Alva-backed test profiles


  • Filter and sort jobs according to its status

  • Job positions available in the welcome page are the ones ¬†you are directly involved in

  • Evaluate and manage candidates

  • Improved the navigation of the sidebar

  • Added more context to the Team Insights page

  • Added more flexibility when exploring the results of a performance review


  • Reminders of review events now point to a specific event

  • Improved the performance of the graphs

  • New employees automatically accept to be part of your organisation when you add them

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