Great teams build great companies. 

- So let’s ensure you have the tools to help you build the best possible teams. 

A key to building great teams is to ensure you know what your teams are made of and what type of factors that are important for success in a specific role.  

High performing talents are the foundation of great teams.

- So let’s leverage what we know actually predicts performance on the job. 

High performing talents are overlooked based on bias. 

- So let’s remove those biases as much as possible. 

The most common mistakes made in recruitment is that we tend to believe our own opinions over evidence. A recruitment process can never be 100% unbiased since anything with a human touch comes with biases. But we have the possibility to reduce the degree of biases by removing the human touch in the initial steps. 

Evidence-based hiring increase hiring-success. 

- So let’s use what we know and start hiring based on actual predictors of success on the job!

Alva’s recommended recruitment process

1. Identify what you are looking for:

  • Align personality traits and level of logical ability desired for the role - leverage Alva’s science-based test profiles of what predicts success in certain roles.
  • Decide what level of fit the candidates need to have based on their Alva test results to move forward in the recruitment process; excellent, good, mixed fit
  • Align any basic requirements needed (e.g., certain skills)

2. Publish job application (outside of Alva platform)

3. Assess all applicants using Alva assessments:

Please press HERE if you are using Alva with Teamtailor and HERE if you are using Alva with Jobylon, otherwise follow the instructions below. 

4. Screen for any requirements needed for this specific position:

  • Do not screen for specific schools and grades but rather focus on any actual requirements absolutely needed for this position. 
  • Consider if candidates not fulfilling the requirements could be interesting to look at for any other position not demanding these specific requirements.

5. Candidate selection:

  • Move forward with other methods predictive of performance on the job such as structured interviews and work sample test. 

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