Alva's Team Fit tool helps you gain contextual information of how candidates will fit into your current team by allowing you to see how they show up in your Team Insights graph.

How to activate Team Fit

To be able to leverage Team Fit you first have to get Team Insights data of your current teams. Learn how to get started with Team Insights HERE. Team Fit is still in a beta version and has to be switched on manually. Learn how to activate Team Fit HERE.  

The process for using Team Fit

  • Once you have created your job position in Alva you can tag a specific team to the job position
  • When you have received candidate assessment data you will identify the candidates with the best match to the role (based on the test profile they are matched against). 
  • Review the test results in the "Evaluate Candidates" tab within your job position to identify your top candidates. 
  • Go to the Team Fit tab available within your job position and select the candidates you wish to gain this contextual team information about.  

Definition of Alva's Business Profiles

  • Driver (Result focused / Initiating): Assertive, Energetic, Industrious, Careful, Forthright, Indifferent, Curious and Change oriented.
  • Innovator (Relationship focused / Initiating): Curious, Change oriented, Assertive, Energetic, Polite, Soft hearted, Easy-going and Spontaneous.
  • Implementer (Result focused / Completing): Diligent, Careful, Forthright, Indifferent, Down-to-earth, Conservative, Accommodating and Low-key.
  • Integrator (Relationship focused / Completing): Polite, Soft hearted, Accommodating, Low-key, Down-to-earth, Conservative, Easy-going and Spontaneous.

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