We released two big features today: our new adaptive logic test, and the ability to validate a candidates' logic ability.

In this new test, the level of difficulty of the questions depends on the candidates' responses, making each question challenging but not impossible. The questions get increasingly difficult, to ensure that the test-taker reaches their full potential.

This new test has only 20 tasks, compared to 45 from the linear version, making an even better candidate experience. Besides the new methodology, the test works great in mobile: enabling candidates to complete all assessments from their phone.

With the validation test, the candidate gets another full test, and we generate a report comparing both of their responses.


  • New adaptive logic test

  • New report with time spent per question, number of right and wrong answers and time spent in the test.

  • Validate a candidate's logic ability by sending a new test and compare its scores


  • Performance improvements in search and tables

  • Preview emails when adding a candidate

  • Improved browser compatibility


  • Updated team insights start-page

  • Fixed issues when creating positions from Teamtailor

  • Fixed the ability to print test results

  • Employee status when signing up

  • Login issues

  • Fixed issues when updating company logo and information for public pages


You can read more here (https://help.alvalabs.io/en/articles/3135413-how-does-the-adaptive-logic-test-work), about our psychometric development here (https://help.alvalabs.io/en/articles/3004152-adaptive-version-of-alva-s-logic-test) and how to validate here (https://help.alvalabs.io/en/articles/3135586-validate-logic-test

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