Enable interview assessments for this process in the settings page

To get you started, all you have to do is turn on the interview assessment on the settings page.

It will automatically create the interview scorecards and update the evaluate candidate's table to include interviews as part of the evaluation.

Choose the right skills and behaviours

Next, it's important to select the right competencies - skills and behaviours for your position. This is also done under the same place in settings. We selected a few skills and behaviours as default to get you started - these are identified as relevant for most types of positions. 

You can also customize them for this position. Start by clicking the dropdown menu to add a competency to the position. And that's it. From now on, all skills and behaviours that are listed here will automatically be available in the interview scorecards and reflected on the candidate's results once ratings have been provided by the interviewers.

Pro tip: you can edit the default competencies for new job positions under the settings page (bottom left corner in the platform) to make this process faster and more streamlined.

What's next?

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