Enable scorecard

To get you started, all you have to do is to enable the scorecard function in the settings of the position (this is done by pressing the toggle to the right). This will automatically create an interview scorecard that will be included as a part of the evaluation of the candidates.

Manage criteria

It's important to select the right criteria for your position and this is also done in the settings of the position. There are a few criteria set as default to get you started which are identified as relevant for most types of positions. 

To change the selected criteria for the position, click on "Manage criteria" and you will then be able to add and remove criteria. And that's it. After saving, all the criteria that are listed will automatically be available in the interview scorecard and reflected on the candidate's results once ratings have been provided by an interviewer.

Pro tip: you can edit the default criteria for new job positions under the settings page of the account (bottom left corner in the platform) to make this process faster and more streamlined.

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