Find your scorecard

To get started, go to your assessments and the tab My Interviews. Here, you will see all interviews you have been asked to complete.

For each candidate, you can see the job position they belong to as well as the status for the scorecard: if you haven't started, if you have not published or if you are all done.

To get started, just click on the candidate you want to score.

Evaluate their answers using the rubrics

In the scorecard you will find the list of criteria to evaluate the candidates on. For each, there are:

  1. Description — The definition of the criterion you are evaluating

  2. Related questions — Guiding questions to help you assess the candidate

  3. Rubrics — The different proficiency levels of the criterion used to evaluate the candidate's responses and ability.

  4. Your Rating and Notes — The field to score the candidate and leave comments.

Based on the answers the candidate provides, rate the candidate on that specific criterion on a scale from 1 to 5. To help you in your ratings, you have rubrics with behavioural examples as a guide (visible when hovering the pointer over the scale).

After choosing the rating, you can leave some comments for the hiring team. If you think of something that is important for them to review later, or that affected your response, make sure to add those in.

Publish the results

Once you feel that you captured all the feedback about the candidate for the hiring team, you can publish the results, and that is it!

After that, the hiring team gets notified and gets the results immediately.

What is next?

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