Recently we launched Interview scorecards: together with tests, you can gather feedback from your team about a candidate, and evaluate all criteria side-by-side.

Now your team can give feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates, and you can get an overview of all assessment methods: from the logic tests to interview scores in one place


Interview scorecard: 

You will have access to decide on competencies important to the role and be provided with structured interview questions and scoring rubric to help you weigh this into the overall role fit calculation. 

New role fit calculation

New labels for role fit

New design for evaluate candidates table

Create and edit skills and behaviours


  • The whole app should be much faster

  • New filters for evaluate candidates page

  • Bulk add candidates from each job position

  • Better visualisation of the assessment profile for each job position

  • Clearer job positions settings page

  • Improved organisation settings page

  • Block users from skipping too many questions in the personality test


  • Bugs related to activity reports

  • Fixed issues with logging in

  • Fixed some issues with performance development

  • Fixed some issues with cacheing access levels in the app

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