Evaluating team insights

In team fit you have the possibility to review team members' as well as candidates' dominant profiles as well as how they may change based on the specific team dynamics. You can also review individual insights to learn more about individual differences and similarities.

Team Dynamics

The team dynamics view shows a so called relative view, where the team members and selected candidates are compared to each other. Most of us tend to have one role that we prefer in general, but we also tend to adapt according to what team we are currently in. 

This view zooms in on the specific dynamic of the team and shows how these members are likely to behave in this unique setting.

Team overview

The team overview shows a so called absolute view, comparing the team members and selected candidates to the world. This view represents the role we prefer to take on in general (where we are likely to be most comfortable), without considering the specific team context. 

In addition you will find some overall team insights in regards to working mode, relational mode and conflict mode. These insights are based on the absolute view from the Team Overview and will not change based on the specific team dynamic. 

Individual insights

If you press the avatar of an individual in the team graph you will be able to review individual insights for that person, highlighting the differences between the individual and the rest of the team.

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Evaluating personality team results

Within Team Fit you have the possibility to press the tab "Personality team results" at the top of the page. In this view you can see the distribution of scores on all personality factors and how the personality results of employees and candidates look like when compared side-by side. We also provide insights of the average and variance for each personality factor for both the current and new team including the added candidates.

This tab, however, is only accessible for users with the permission Access personality test results for whole organization  .

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