Happy new year everyone!

You can make the email invitations personalized and unique for each job position. Now you can:

  1. Create, edit and manage multiple candidate invitation emails

  2. Choose an invitation email for each job position

  3. Preview how it looks like for each job position

Later today we will announce it to the rest of our users. This should not change anything for current customers, and they can now start using for their job positions. Take a look, and let me know if you have any feedback!


  • Choose a unique candidate invitation email ¬†for each job position

  • Preview candidate invitation email for each job position

  • Create and manage multiple candidate invitation email templates


  • Improved preview for email templates

  • Get detailed and personalized insights for your team members under Team Insights

  • Get a personality-factor analysis for each team

  • Easily manage the status of your candidates with the new filters and "shortlisted" status

  • Re-order the criteria used in each interview scorecard

  • Reject requests to fill a scorecard for a candidate

  • Sort and manage your requests to fill interview scorecards¬†


  • Fixed corner cases with the Team Tailor integration

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