The integration between Alva and Workable enables you to manage the whole recruitment process from one place. You can send tests to candidates and view their results without ever having to leave workable.

This page will explain how to get started and how to use the integration.


In order for the integration to work, Workable needs to be given access to send tests via Alva on your organization's behalf. To do that go through the following steps:

  • In Alva, go to Settings > Integrations and click Add Integration and select Workable.
  • While In there click Add integration. This will generate an API key that needs to be inserted in Workable. Copy the generated key.
  • Now, go to the settings page in Workable. You will find the link to settings in the menu that pops up under your avatar if you click it. In the menu to the left, click integrations.
  • In the list, under Assessment Providers, you will find Alva. Click it and insert the API key that you copied from Alva.
  • Click update settings.

Now the integration is configured and it's ready to be used.

Configure a Job to use Alva integration

Before being able to send tests to the candidates, you need to add Alva tests to the workflow of the job. To do that, go to workflow settings and select the stage where you want to send the tests to the candidates.

  • When at that stage, click Add an assessment test
  • Select Alva. Now you will see a list of all test profiles in your Alva account. Select the one that you want the candidates to be matched against.

Send tests to candidates

When the job is set up to integrate with Alva, it's possible to send tests to candidates in the configured stage. Go to a candidate in that stage and click the send test button (See screenshot).

Doing that will add the candidate to Alva and send them an invitation email to take Alva's tests. If the job position has not been created in Alva before, it will be created automatically.

View the results in Workable

When the candidate has completed the tests, the results will appear on the candidate page in workable as shown below. The Final score is a score between 0 and 100 that represents how well the candidate matches the selected test profile. You will also see the score broken down by personality test match and logic test match.

In Workable, the score is translated into one of three categories:

  • Score above or equal to 75 is displayed as a star ⭐️
  • Score above or equal to 50 is displayed as thumbs up 👍
  • Score less than 50 is displayed as thumbs down 👎

In the image below, the candidate has received a "star" from Alva.

Click View report on Alva to go to the full report in Alva. There you will find more details about the tests and how the score has been calculated.

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