We've just released the new reports for our tests. We've completely redesigned the report to make it easier to understand and nicer to look at.

Now you can:

  • Quickly understand the results of the personality test

  • Easily navigate between the overview and the deep dive of the report

  • Get insight on the likely key motivators, environments, and types of roles this person is best suited for

Together, these are really powerful improvements that make the results easier to interpret and more actionable.


  • New graphics for logic and personality reports

  • Redesigned the candidate "test result" tab

  • New overview with Growth Factors including Drivers, Culture preferences, and growth areas.


  • Access to the reports on mobile devices

  • Small visual design improvements in the reports

  • Improved the security for log-ins and error-recovery

  • You can now print all reports and analytics

  • New permissions for accessing analytics

  • Grouped scorecards result together with the test results


  • Display of the personality test questions on small screens

  • Creating locales

  • Issues with Internet Explorer 11 and Edge

  • Duplicate jobs from Jobylon

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