The integration between Alva and Lever enables you to both send tests and view the results directly in Lever. This page explains how to get started and the configuration options that exists.

Getting started

First of all, you need to grant Alva access to your Lever account.

  • In Alva, go to Settings > Integrations
  • Click "Add integration" and select Lever in the list
  • Click "Grant access" in the modal

When you click "Grant access", you will be redirected to Lever and asked to give permissions to Alva. When you have granted access, you will be redirected back to Alva.

After this, you will be prompted with a set of integration options.

Webhook URL (required)

This is a unique URL for your account that you need to add in Lever. Copy this url and add to the following webhooks in Lever.

  • Application created
  • Candidate stage changed
  • Candidate hired
  • Candidate deleted

Webhook settings in Lever can be found at Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks.

Webhook signature token (required)

To validate the authenticity of each webhook event, you need to copy the "Webhook signing token" from Lever and past it into this field.

Note: If you change the signing token in Lever, you need to update it in Alva for the integration to work.

Trigger stage (required)

This is the stage in Lever from which Alva assessment invitations will be triggered.

Progression stage (optional)

If defined, candidates will be moved to this stage in Lever when the tests are completed.

Blocked origins (optional)

If you don't want to send tests to candidates from certain origins in Lever, you can block those origins here.

Webhook events

When candidates progress through your recruitment processes in Lever, certain events are triggered. Alva will listen to the events specified in the configuration setup above. When receiving events, Alva will do the following:

Application created: When a candidate is created in Lever, information about the posting will be synced with Alva. The candidate is not yet invited from Alva.

Candidate stage changed: When a candidate is moved to the trigger stage, an invitation will be sent from Alva, asking the candidate to complete the assessment.

Candidate deleted: When deleting a candidate in Lever, the candidate is also removed from Alva.

Candidate hired: When marking a candidate as hired in Lever, the candidate status is changed to "hired" in Alva.

Receiving results

When the candidate has completed the tests, Alva pushes back results to Lever.

  • A link is added to the opportunity that points to the candidate page in Alva
  • Tags are added (see below)
  • A note is created with detailed information about the test results

Tags in Lever

The integration uses a set of different tags in Lever.

Workflow tags on Postings

There are two tags you can use on Postings in Lever that affects the workflow.

  • "Alva: Screening" - If this tag is added to the Posting, candidates will be added to Alva directly when they are created
  • "Alva: Skip Assessment" - If this tag is added to a posting, tests will never be sent to candidates for the posting

Status tags

To inform about the candidate progress, Alva will add a status tag for each candidate:

  • "Alva: Invitation Sent" - Informs that an invitation from Alva has been sent to the candidate.
  • "Alva: Invitation Bounced" - Candidates will be tagged with this if we failed to deliver an email to the specified email adress.
  • "Alva: Invitation Failed" - This tag will be used if Alva failed to send the tests. One example could be if the candidate in Lever has no email adress. Details about possible errors are described below.
  • "Alva: Completed" - This will be used when the candidate successfully has completed the assessment.

Role fit tags

In Alva, role fit is a score that describes how well the candidate's test results matches the defined criteria for the job. The score is an integer value on the scale 0 - 100. The score is translated into five different labels:

  • "Alva: Very high role fit" - Role fit of 100
  • "Alva: High role fit" - Role fit above 75 but below 100
  • "Alva: Medium role fit" - Role fit above 50 but below 75
  • "Alva: Low role fit" - Role fit above 25 but below 50
  • "Alva: Very low role fit" - Role fit below 25

Tags on Opportunities

There is one tag that can be used on Opportunities in Lever: "Alva: Send Tests". This tags overrides settings that would otherwise prevent the opportunity to be added in Alva (for example if there is a specific blocked origin or if the posting has the tag for skipping assessments).

Opportunities that have the tag "Alva: Send Tests" will always be added in Alva. Alva checks for opportunities with this tag every hour. If you want to send tests to the candidate straight away, you can move the candidate to the "trigger stage".

Error handling

When a candidate is tagged with "Alva: Invitation Failed", it is due to one of the following errors:

  • Missing email: Alva could not find an email address for the candidate and were unable to send the invitation.
  • Invalid email: The email specified for the candidate is not a valid email address.

A note will be added to the candidate in Lever with detailed information. To trigger the invitation again, resolve the error and move the candidate from and back to the trigger stage again.

Keeping posting information up-to-date

When receiving candidates from your Lever posting, Alva will ensure that certain information is up-to-date in the Alva platform. Information that is updated is:

  • Name of posting.
  • Hiring manager (if the user exists in Alva).
  • Team.

Note: Posting information is also synced every night to keep the information up-to-date.

Confidential candidates

In Lever, you can mark candidates as "confidential". Candidates that are marked as confidential will not be added to Alva.

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