We've just launched some exciting under the hood improvements to our logic test! These improvements are designed to keep Alva's logic test best-in-class by applying best practices in machine learning and modern test theory.

  • We have improved the reliability of our logic test to .94!

  • We now have more questions for our adaptive algorithm to choose from


  • We've added 16 new questions to our logic test to help us better calculate logical ability for individuals in the average & high levels of logical ability

  • We've improved our question selection algorithm, enabling a higher diversity of questions to be shown to test-takers

  • We have now enriched both our adaptive test algorithm & logical ability score calculations with data from 77,327 tests and 1.54 million responses on Alva's Logical ability test!

Good to know: changes to logic scores

  • With the increased precision from our logic test improvement:

    • 3 out of 4 of all Alva users will keep the exact same logic ability score

    • For those test takers whose scores do change, score changes will be no more than a 1 point score difference (1 point higher, or 1 point lower), on our 10 point logic ability scale

  • The ranking of candidates is mostly unaffected, as are the role fit labels for >95% of job positions. In the cases where candidates score between 8-9-10, there might be small changes in role fit

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