While assessing candidates for a job position, the first step is to check if they meet the basic job requirements such as language, geographical location, and years of experience.

Background form will capture the basic information about each candidate which you can use to qualify only the relevant candidates to the next stage.

Candidate experience

When you invite a candidate to Alva, they will see a form which they can fill out to provide their basic information that includes:

  1. Work experience

  2. Languages

  3. Preferred work situation and geographical location

Once they fill this out, this is available for both the candidates and the recruiters to see the summary of their answers.

Recruiter view

You can enable this in the settings under "Screening methods". Here, you can toggle the background form. Once you set enable this form, when you invite new candidates, they will find the form to fill in the background information when they log into their Alva account.

Once they've filled this up, you can view the summary of their answers in the candidate's profile.

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