The Team Fit graph plots selected candidates and coworkers in the team that you are hiring for over two dimensions, Initiating-Finishing and Relationship-Results focus.


This is the horizontal axis in the graph. It represents an individual's preference for initiating versus finishing tasks. Another way of thinking about this is whether the individual prefers starting up new ideas and projects, or whether the person is more inclined to work to completion on tasks given.

This axis is constructed from facets of Openness and Extraversion. Specifically:

  • Openness: Curiosity

  • Openness: Change orientation

  • Extraversion: Assertiveness

  • Extraversion: Energy level

Relationship-Results focus

This is the vertical axis in the graph. It represents the general orientation towards either results or other people. In other words, whether a person is more interested in understanding and maintaining relationships in the team or if they likely prioritize the task instead.

This axis is constructed from facets of Conscientiousness and Agreeableness. Specifically:

  • Conscientiousness: Goal orientation

  • Conscientiousness: Carefulness

  • Agreeableness: Compassion

  • Agreeableness: Politeness

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