Getting started with Alva

All our resources to help you get started using Alva

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Alva for Candidates

Information for candidates in a recruitment process powered by Alva

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Assessing candidates with Alva Psychometric tests

Everything you need to know about screening candidates

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Managing your hiring process

Everything you need to know about administering, structuring, and analyzing your recruitment in Alva

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Information about our integrations

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Alva's personality test

Theory, development and psychometric properties behind our personality test

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Alva's logic test

Information about Alva's logic test

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Alva Marketplace

Everything you need to know about Alva Marketplace

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Interview templates

Everything you need to know to design and run a worldclass interview process using Alva's interview function

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Information about technical and legal aspects of Alva

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Coding tests

Master the ins and outs of coding tests with this collection of articles, covering topics from setup and customization to candidate evaluation and test submission.

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Alva's leadership report

Everything you need to know about Alva's leadership report

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