Read our article on Reliability for more information about different types of reliability evidence.

Table 1 below shows results from a test-retest reliability study conducted by Alva Labs on a sample of 101 participants from the US. According to European standards set by EFPA, test-retest reliability coefficients above 0.8 are deemed 'Excellent'. All 15 facets in our personality test have 'Excellent' test-retest reliability.

Table 1: Test-retest reliability, N=101

Table 2 shows results from an internal consistency study conducted using 659 participants from the standardization sample. According to EFPA standards, internal consistency coefficients above 0.8 is deemed 'Good' and above 0.9 'Excellent'. Out of 15 facets in our personality test, 8 have 'Excellent' internal consistency and the remaining 7 'Good'.

Table 2: Internal consistency, N=659

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