Integrators are highly engaged in relationships. They are very good at seeing others’ needs and maintaining a warm working climate. Their caring, social personality tends to make them popular in the workplace, and they are good at listening and negotiating conflict. They often function as enablers, making others perform better: Integrators realize that there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Usually, they are not particularly interested in disruptive change and prefer to work with people rather than strategy. Lofty ideas and big plans are usually not their thing. Instead, integrators are good at concreting abstract concepts and want tasks to be specific. They tend to think before they speak and are often the ones bringing thoughtful reflections to discussions. 

Prominent strengths:

  • Able to take the perspective of clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders
  • Diplomats who can mitigate between strong wills
  • Able to collaborate in almost any team

Potential challenges: 

  • Taking the lead
  • Being assertive and speaking their minds
  • Strategizing and taking the big perspective
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