Alva’s logic test assesses your logical ability, i.e., your ability to process complex information and draw accurate conclusions from it. This is an important part of general mental ability (GMA), and has been proven in a vast amount of research to predict job performance in a large variety of roles and industries and has been shown to be the single assessment tool with the strongest predictive power of performance. Your logical ability influences your capacity to solve problems, interpret information, learn new things, and make decisions. The more complex the position, the more impact will mental ability have. 

Alva’s logic test is a non-verbal, figures-based test; a format that is widely used in both research and practice. This format is very useful, since it minimizes the role of previous experience or domain-specific knowledge. The test requires you as a test taker to identify patterns and relationships in a material that is rather abstract. Your ability to do so indicates to what extent you are proficient at solving basically any task containing complex or incomplete information. 

The fact that the test is non-verbal also makes it less sensitive to differing levels of language proficiency compared to other types of GMA tests.

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