Alva's Team Insights tool is based on an abstraction of the Five Factor Personality result to help you more easily discuss personality in a team context. This is based on a framework showing that there are two higher-order personality factors, called Alpha and Beta. Based on this framework we created a two dimension model consisting of 1) Initiating-Completing, which consists of Extraversion and Openness, and 2) Result focused - Relationship focused, which consists of Conscientiousness and Agreeableness. 

The model allow us to map personality into four different profiles resulting in your overall Business Profile consisting of Driver, Innovator, Integrator and Implementer.

Your location on these two dimensions  1) Initiating-Completing and 2) Result focused - Relationship focused are calculated as a weighted linear combination of the relevant personality facets. Second, your location is compared to the extremes of the two dimensions, and a similarity metric is calculated resulting in your Business Profile.

An Initiating/Result focused profile located in the upper right corner will give you a high Driver score. In the opposite corner you have the Completing/Relationship focused profile resulting in a high Integrator score in the Business Profile. Since these are opposites of the same dimensions, you can't simultaneously get high scores for both. 

The same principle holds for Innovator and Implementer, as they are in opposite corners of the two dimensions - Initiating/Relationship focused and Completing/Result focused respectively. See the figure below.

More specifically, the following results on the personality test are related with each profile:

Driver (Result focused / Initiating)
Assertive, Energetic, Industrious, Careful, Forthright, Indifferent, Curious and Change oriented.

Innovator (Relationship focused / Initiating)
Curious, Change oriented, Assertive, Energetic, Polite, Soft hearted, Easy-going and Spontaneous.

Implementer (Result focused / Completing)
Industrious, Careful, Forthright, Indifferent, Down-to-earth, Conservative, Accommodating and Low-key.

Integrator (Relationship focused / Completing)
Polite, Soft hearted, Accommodating, Low-key, Down-to-earth, Conservative, Easy-going and Spontaneous.

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