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How are my results calculated in Alva's leadership report?
How are my results calculated in Alva's leadership report?

Learn more about why you received the results you received in Alva's leadership report

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Alva’s leadership report tells you whether each area in the Alva leadership framework is likely to be a strength, a challenge, or sufficient.

  • A possible strength is an area where your characteristics give you a natural head start. The behaviors included come easily to you, and you are likely to excel.

  • ‘Likely sufficient’ marks an area where your personal qualities work moderately in your favor, or where you have a combination of strengths and challenges. These are areas where you have a good chance of improving with training.

  • A possible challenge is an area where you are likely to struggle a bit, since it does not play to your natural strengths. You may need to make a considerable effort to change your behavior in related situations.

How are my results calculated?

Your results for each leadership area are based on a combination of facets from Alva’s personality test. The reason is that most leadership behaviors are complex and draw on aspects from several different personality traits.

When an area is marked as a possible strength, it means that your results on all or a majority of the included facets are in the desired range. Conversely, when an area is marked as a possible challenge, your results on all or a majority of the included facets are in the opposite direction. Combinations that lie between these two extremes will translate into an area marked as ‘Likely sufficient’.

In most cases, higher results on the included facets equal higher scores. There is, however, one area where a scale is reversed: For Driving towards results, low results on the facet Politeness (from the factor Agreeableness) translates into higher scores.

Why are my results different compared to the Alva personality report?

For some facets, you might have received slightly different results in your leadership report compared to your regular Alva personality report. This is because we have used a slightly different benchmark when calculating your results in the leadership report. In the regular Alva personality report, you are compared to a very large group of people - a so-called norm group - that is largely representative of the working population in general. In the leadership report, you are compared to a large group of people that has specifically applied to leadership positions. Leadership candidates tend to rate themselves slightly differently compared to the average person. Hence, a comparison to other leadership candidates is more relevant and interesting in this specific context.

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