Conscientiousness denotes a person's attitude to performance and responsibility: The importance you place on achieving and reaching goals, your tendency to follow through with responsibilities, and how organized you tend to be.

People on one extreme are industrious, careful, and organized, while people on the other extreme are easy-going, spontaneous, and messy.

Goal-striving is the action-oriented aspect of Conscientiousness. How hard do you work to achieve your goals? The scale goes from Easy-going to Industrious. People who are Easy-going are more inclined to lower their ambitions than to get out of their way to reach goals. People who are Industrious work hard to reach their goals, completes tasks and gets started easily.

Carefulness is the decision-making aspect of Conscientiousness. To what extent do you feel the need to get things right? The scale goes from Spontaneous to Careful. People who are Spontaneous are happy to make decisions and act on impulse. People who are Careful put a lot of deliberation and preparation on decisions.

Orderliness is a narrow trait within Conscientiousness. How important is it for you to keep things in order? The scale goes from Messy to Organized. People who are Messy prefer unstructured approaches while people who are Organized like order and structure.

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