Agreeableness reflects a person's social style: How well you tend to get along with others, to what extent you trust other people, and how attentive you are to others' needs and feelings.

People on one extreme are soft-hearted, polite, and trusting, while people on the other extreme are indifferent, forthright, and sceptical.

Compassion is the emotional aspect of Agreeableness. To what extent do you feel sympathy and empathy for other people? The scale goes from Indifferent to Soft-hearted. People who are Indifferent are generally unaffected by other people's negative experiences. People who are Soft-hearted care about the wellbeing of others and typically want to care for and help other people.

Politeness is the rational aspect of Agreeableness. To what extent do you act in a polite and well-mannered way? The scale goes from Forthright to Polite. People who are Forthright question others and are accustomed to conflicts and arguments. People who are Polite typically avoid to offend others and stay out of conflicts.

Trust is a narrow facet within Agreeableness. To what extent do you trust the intentions of others? The scale goes from Sceptical to Trusting. People who are Sceptical are typically wary of other people while people who are Trusting believe in the good intentions and truthfulness of others.

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