Openness reflects a person's need for new experiences: Your curiosity when it comes to new information and impressions, your tendency to fantasize, and to what extent you welcome change.

People on one extreme are curious, aesthetic, and change oriented, while people on the other extreme are down-to-earth, concrete, and conservative.

Curiosity covers the rational, intellectual aspect of Openness. How interested are you in theoretical or philosophical discussions, for example? The scale goes from Down-to-earth to Curious. People who are Down-to-earth are generally not interested in abstract topics while people who are Curious enjoy intellectual challenges and theoretical discussions.

Aesthetic orientation
Aesthetic orientation covers the emotional aspect of Openness. How interested are you in experiences of beauty and being swept away by the moment? The scale goes from Concrete to Artistic. People who are Concrete perceive the world without beautifying or fantasizing. People who are Artistic appreciate beauty, in everyday life as well as in art, music poetry or literature.

Change orientation
Change orientation is a narrow facet in the Openness factor, covering the attitude toward change. How much do you need variety? The scale goes from Conservative to Change oriented. People who are Conservative appreciate familiar environments and settings and like to follow established methods. People who are Change oriented have a strong need for variation and like to try new things and change settings.

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