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How to choose the right test profile for the job
How to choose the right test profile for the job

Learn about how to find the right test profile to evaluate your candidates

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Before you start assessing candidates through Alva, it's important to decide what to look for. This is what you do when you select a test profile. The test profile help you decide on the personality traits and level of logical ability that are desired for the role in question.

You select your a test profile when you create a new job position. You can choose between a number of our default profiles. They're all based on published research on what predicts performance in different broad role families.

How do I identify the best test profile for the job position?

We recommend that you base your profile choice on the broad role family that your job position belongs to: sales, customer service roles, operational leadership roles, etc.

Consider what the role is most centered around. For example if most tasks a centered around acquiring new customers our Sales profile would be appropriate. However, if the role is more oriented on customer retention and service, our Customer Service profile is the right one. The tests and profiles evaluate broad characteristics - so the choice will not differ depending on if you're looking for a B2B sales person or a B2C sales person.

You can read all about the different default profiles HERE.

Which complexity level? High, medium or low?

The complexity level helps determine how inclusive the assessment will be. A high complexity profile is ideal for roles that require a high level of independence and handle many stakeholders and tasks simultaneously. A low complexity variant is more suited for work that is more supervised where a portion of tasks are routinised. Read more about complexity levels here.

Most often medium complexity is a great starting point. However, if you're expecting large volumes of candidates a high complexity variant can help increase granularity and find the top performers in your candidate pool.

What if I'm not sure about what to pick?

If you're unsure, you can never go wrong with the profile called Generic High Performer. This profile will evaluate candidates based on logical ability and conscientiousness - the two characteristics that have turned out to be important in almost any job role.

Also, remember that you can always change test profiles later if you realize that there's a better option available. This will impact the candidates' role fit, but the basic test results are always the same.

You can also take a short quiz to help you find the right test profile to evaluate your candidates HERE!

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