Generating a test profile with Alva

How to find a test profile based on job titles with Alva's test profile generator

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Generating a test profile with Alva is an easy feat. This article will walk you through the concrete steps.

  1. Go to "Test profiles" in the menu located on the left in the Assessment tab.

  2. Click the "Create test profile" button in the upper right corner.

  3. Choose the first option in the dialogue that opens; "Generate profile".

  4. Add the job titles that you want to base your profile on. You find these by using the search bar. You can choose up to three titles, if the role that you are filling has requirements from several different roles (e.g., an analyst who will also be a leader, or a sales rep that will also do analytics). If you cannot find the exact title you are searching for, try with synonyms. Otherwise, select the title that is closest to your request. When you are finished, click "Continue".

  5. Answer the complexity questions. These answers will determine the strictness of the profile, i.e., how difficult it will be for a candidate to gain 100% role fit. Read the questions and the options thoroughly and consider the demands of the role in question. As a rule of thumb, the middle option for all three questions is a good default mode for white collar positions which do not include too much leadership or complex technical work. For blue collar positions, you may want to consider the first response options. The last response options for each question will generate the strictest profile, and are suitable for more senior leadership roles as well as very complex technical positions. When you have answered the questions, click "Generate test profile".

  6. Review the generated profile. The next view will give you a summary of the generated profile. You will see which work styles, i.e., which soft skills, the system predicts will be most central to the role. Based on this, a specific combination of personality traits and logical ability will be proposed. If you are not satisfied with the profile, you can go back and change the job titles included or your responses to the complexity questions, to see what the difference will be. When you are satisfied with your profile, click "Continue".

  7. Add a name and description to your profile and save it to your library.

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