Welcome back from the summer break!

We two exciting new features available: You can send reminders directly from Alva and generate custom made profiles.

Now you can:

  • Send automatic reminders to candidates that haven’t completed the tests

  • Configure the frequency and interval of the reminders

  • Send manual reminders to specific candidates

  • Customize your message and email template

This is a really powerful way to make sure that your candidates get and complete the tests required for each of their applications. It also provides a fantastic candidate experience, where you can make custom messages at each touchpoint.

There are a lot of new features in this past release, so make sure to reach out to us if you have any feedback!


  • Automatic Candidate Reminders

  • Manual Candidate Reminders

  • Generate custom test profiles


  • Better sync between Alva and Teamtailor

  • Better support for languages in the candidate experience

  • New design and authentication flow for login and reset password

  • Improvements in email formatting and editing

  • Updates in the test algorithm


  • Always sending emails even if the user has completed all the tests

  • Send invitations directly when uploading candidates from file

Do you have any feedback?

Please let us know either in the chat or email your customer success manager!

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