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Show Alva Marketplace candidates in Teamtailor
Show Alva Marketplace candidates in Teamtailor
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If you are using Teamtailor you can get the applying Marketplace candidates to appear directly in Teamtailor. To set it up go to this Help Center article and follow step 3. Retrieve a "Read Write Admin" key and step 4. Insert the "Read Write Admin" key in Alva.
We also support to auto-publish jobs on Marketplace that are created from Teamtailor. Read more about how the feature works here! πŸ‘ˆ

How do I know, in Teamtailor, the candidate has applied through Alva Marketplace?

When opening a candidate card in Teamtailor, below the name of the candidate it will say "via".

When opening the candidates test results in Alva, it will also show a 'Marketplace candidate' label

How can I send our Teamtailor screening questions to Marketplace candidates?

If you're utilizing Teamtailor and have screening questions on the job ad page, there's a way to share these with Alva Marketplace candidates. You can create a specific stage for Alva Marketplace candidates in Teamtailor to send an email with a link to these questions. Follow the steps below to set this up.

Step 1: add a new screening stage in Teamtailor

Add a new stage in Teamtailor, make it a screening stage and call it something along the lines of "Marketplace Screening Questions" (click to expand image).

Step 2: set up the new stage with a "Send message" trigger and add your screening questions to this trigger

Add the "Send message" trigger. From the modal you can write an email subject, email content and select the screening questions that are relevant for this role (click to expand image).

Done! You are now set up and ready to add Marketplace candidates to this stage.

When a candidate applies through marketplace and have not answered the screening questions, move this candidate to your newly created stage to automatically email the screening questions to the candidate.

How does the candidate experience of this stage look?

When the candidate has been added to the stage, they will receive an email. The email will have the subject and text content defined by you together with a button to navigate to your questions. See below image for an example (click to expand image).

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