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Alva Labs and Jobvite integration
Alva Labs and Jobvite integration

This is a step by step guide on how to complete the integration between Alva and Jobvite

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Integrating the ATS:

To begin the integration setup, head to the integration section of your Alva account settings and select Add Integration.

You will then be required to retrieve an API Key & API Secret from Jobvite to add to the link below. Follow the instruction in the dialogue box below, enter the API Key, and then click continue.

One-time setup

Below, are a few additional required steps:

#1. Set up a custom field to write back the test results

Follow these instructions: How to Create Custom Fields in Jobvite

#2. Create a custom stage for Alva within Jobvite

Using the following workflow, create a requisition template which has a workflow with “Alva Assessment” included: Jobvite custom stage setup

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