Once you have decided to hire one of the candidates, you have the possibility to convert the candidate to become an employee in Alva. This will allow the hired candidate to log into Alva and still access their own assessment data but also be a part of any team they are tagged to and show up in the Team Insights tool if this is something you use. 

Convert hired candidate to employee 

To convert a hired candidate to an employee you go to your job position in question and to the “Manage candidates” tab. First of all, under the “Stage” column you can change the status from “In process” to “Hired”  to help keep track of your candidates. To convert the candidate to an employee you check the box to the left of the candidate name and press “Convert to employees”. 

No notification will go out to the individual you are converting, however, if you use Alva Team Insights or Performance Development tool the individual will then have the possibility to access their account for future use once they have started in your organization. 

Tag the hired candidate to the correct team

If you have tagged a team to your job position the employee will automatically be added to the team when converted to an employee. You can read how to tag a team to your job position HERE

You can read more about how to manage your employees and teams in the organization HERE

Alva support

Leverage the intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner on the platform. 

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