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How to use Recruitee with Alva
How to use Recruitee with Alva

This is a step by step guide on how to perform certain Alva functions via Recruitee

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Creating a job

  • Create a job in Recruitee, using a job template that contains the stage “Alva Assessment”

  • After 5 minutes, the job will be created in Alva.

    • Note that only the jobs with an “Alva” stage will be created in Alva.

    • Also, the hiring team is synced for jobs with the “Alva” stage in it.

  • Visit Alva to complete the rest of the set-up process by; selecting a relevant Test Profile, selecting a relevant email template, and adjusting any other assessment-related settings.

Inviting candidates

Candidates are automatically sent an invitation to take an Alva assessment after they are moved to the “Alva Assessment” stage.

Note: Please make sure that you are triggering/sending your own email notice to the candidate in advance of the Alva test invitation. This is critical in order for the candidate to expect, accept, and complete the Alva assessment. Feel free to contact our support who will be happy to help with relevant candidate messaging.

How to use multiple assessment types using a Kombo Integration

You can manage not only psychometric tests, but also coding test and interviews through your ATS. Prerequisite is to create a stage in your ATS for each of the assessments.

We recommend creating following stages:

  • For psychometrics tests: “Alva Assessment”

  • For coding tests: “Alva coding test”

  • For interviews: “Alva Interview”
    (Note: If you have multiple interviews, then create a separate stage for each interview)

How to invite your candidates using the ATS.

Step 1: One time setup of the job settings in Alva

  1. Go to the Job position settings in Alva

  2. Click Add Assessment & select the assessment you require

  3. Select a Stage from your ATS & link that stage to an Alva assessment

Step 2: Send candidate invitations

You send candidate invitations simply move the candidate to the relevant stage.

  • If you move a candidate to the relevant stage for coding tests, the candidate will receive a email invitation for the coding test.

  • If you move a candidate to an interview stage, you will see a “interview link” in the candidate’s results section. Which will lead directly to the Interview page in Alva.

  • Results of all these assessments will come to the results section, where you see the psychometric test results currently.

View results

When a candidate completes their test(s), their results will instantly get posted into the candidate's profile.

This is available in the Profile Fields section.

If, for any reason, you make a change to the test profile that is used for a given position, the updated role fit score will be written.

By clicking on the URL next to view details, you will be able to view the full test results in Alva.

Hiring team sync

The integration with Recruitee supports a feature called hiring sync, which ensures that team members with access to the job position in Recruitee also get the relevant permissions to view candidate assessment results in Alva.

This is done automatically, as long as you have created a job in Recruitee with the Alva stage in it.

The users that are synced are those who are listed as recruiters or hiring managers in the job posting settings – as shown below.

If the relevant member of the hiring team does not already have an Alva account, they will be sent an invitation to create one via their email.

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