There are two separate API keys needed to fully implement the Teamtailor and Alva integration.

1. Get a "partner key" from Teamtailor

This key is how Teamtailor and Alva mainly communicate with each other. Reach out to Teamtailor through intercom or your Teamtailor contact person to get the provider key.

Insert the partner key into Alva

  1. Go to your company Settings
    If you don't have access to it, either ask the admin in your company or reach out on Alva's Intercom

  2. Click the integrations tab

  3. Click "Add integration"

4. Choose Teamtailor by clicking "Add"

5. From here, you can add the partner API key in the designated field. You will get a success message after you have added it.

2. Retrieve a "Read Admin" key

The second key that you need, you can retrieve yourself from your own Teamtailor account.

  1. In Teamtailor, click into "Settings"

2. Scroll down the list to your left, and choose "API"

3. Select "New API Key"
- Name it Alva
- Set API Scope to "Admin"
- Select "Read"
- Click "Create"

Insert the "Read Admin" key in Alva

Once you've created the "read admin" key, you have to enter it into Alva.

  1. Go to your company Settings

  2. Click the integrations tab

  3. Click into the already added Teamtailor integration

4. Paste the "read admin" key into the empty field on the bottom of the pop up and

click "Save changes"

Now you are ready to start using the Teamtailor integration!

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