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I've completed the test. What happens next?
I've completed the test. What happens next?

Information about next steps after taking the Alva tests

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Great job! You can now access your results whenever you want by logging onto your Alva account:

Alva provides companies with tools for talent assessments and we are not responsible for the overall recruitment process. For any questions about a specific recruitment process, please reach out to your contact person at the company in question. 

If you end up getting employed by a company using Alva in their recruitment process your results may also be used after you’ve been hired, e.g. for team development.

Your Alva account also gives you the possibility to take your profile with you when applying for roles at other companies that also use Alva. Personality and logic ability are both considered stable over time, hence no need to go through a time-consuming testing process again when you already have test results on file. All you have to do in these cases is to accept the invitation to share your assessment data with the company.

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