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Creating an interview

How to add interviews to a hiring process – from scratch or from a pre-saved template

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When you create an interview in Alva, it will generate an assignable interview scorecard that interviewers can use to guide their interview, which creates consistency and structure in their assessment.

Research has shown that an interview's ability to predict job performance and reduce interviewer bias is greatly increased when candidates in the same hiring process are:

  • Asked situation-behaviour-response (SBR) type questions clearly tied to relevant competencies for the role

  • Asked the same (or very similar) questions

  • Assessed on the same criteria with clear scoring guidelines

Alva's interview function provides your organisation with an easy-to-use framework and scalable workflow to conduct the most predictive interview possible.

Creating an interview

Interviews are managed in connection with each unique job position and can be created from scratch or from a pre-saved template.

To create an interview, do so from the job position settings > interviews.

To create a new interview, simply click "Add interview". This will open up a sidebar where you are able to either "Create a custom interview" or select a pre-made template.

When creating a custom interview, you will be prompted to select a title, description, and the various criteria you'd like to assess. The criteria available in the dropdown menu are those that have been created in your Interview Criteria library. Read the following article for more information on how to manage Interview Criteria.

As you select criteria, you will be able to see their associated descriptions and interview questions. You are also able to re-order the criteria by clicking, dragging, and dropping criteria using the 6 dots that appear to the left of each criterion.

Once you are happy with your interview, you can finalize it by clicking "Create Interview".

Pro tip: Consider adding the interview to templates by selecting the associated toggle before creating an interview. Adding templates could also be done directly from the Interview template library where you can access and manage all your saved interview templates.

If you add an interview to templates, it will become accessible for re-use in other job positions. This is particularly helpful when:

  • The same interview structure and criteria could be used again for different roles

  • You anticipate hiring for this role again in the future

Finally, most hiring processes consist of multiple interview stages, so don’t feel limited to one scorecard. You can add multiple interview scorecards, which reflect the specific criteria you want to evaluate in each interview stage.

Editing, Previewing or Deleting an interview

Its easy to make changes to an interview added to a position, simply click on the 3 dots to the right of any interview to edit it, preview what it would look like as a scorecard, or delete it. These adjustments will not edit the reusable template as a whole.

From the Interview template library you can access all your interviews that are added as templates. Select to create, edit, duplicate and delete any of your reusable interview templates. These adjustments will not affect existing positions using this template.

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