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How Role Fit is calculated

Learn more about what determines a candidate's match to the test profile

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The test profile determines the criteria the candidates are evaluated against where different test profiles may have different weighting between personality and logic results. Learn more about Alva’s test profiles HERE

Candidate role fit is calculated based on how close the candidate's test results is from the target range set in the test profile, resulting in 1 of 5 labels:

  • Very high (Role fit=100%): All test results are within the target range.

  • High (Role fit=75%-99%): Test results are at most 1 point from the target range.

  • Medium (Role fit=50%-74%): Test results are between 1 and 2 points from the target range on average.

  • Low (Role fit=25%-49%): Test results are between 2 and 3 points from the target range on average.

  • Very low (Role fit=0%-24%): Test results are more than 3 points from the target range on average

Originally, Alva calculated role fit as a deducted score for each point away from the target range the candidate scored (see Old in the image below). Today we have updated the calculation to better help you differentiate and identify best fit, where any score which is more than 3 points from the target range on average will result in a role fit of 0% on the specific factor. 

Please note that a hard cutoff is not recommended (see Wrong) why Alva provides a more nuanced role fit calculation. 

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