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Alva's Growth Factors

Introduction to the Growth Factors based on our Five Factor personality test

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The background to Alva’s Growth Factors was a desire to provide even more insights from our personality test, to candidates as well as to recruiters and hiring managers. These insights are meant to provide guidance for how to further grow and flourish at work.

A five factor personality result offers rich information about an individual’s preferences, driving forces, and future potential. This is highly relevant to further inform the candidate – and the hiring manager and HR – about how to design the best possible work situation, now and going forward. Looking at someone's Growth factors can help guide decisions about e.g. future career paths, how to craft a person's current role, and how to help them thrive at work.

The growth factors are divided into three different sections: Drivers, Culture Preferences, and Potential Roles.

The Drivers describe the person’s most prominent motivations, i.e., the driving forces that make them feel energised and engaged. Having a work setting that is aligned with one’s drivers is an important factor to create motivation and a sense of meaningfulness at work.

Culture Preferences list the type of environments that the person is most likely to thrive in. Different personalities tend to prefer different team cultures, since these can be more or less in line with one’s typical way of functioning. When the culture aligns with your personality, it tends to bring out the best in you.

The section Potential Roles lists roles that the individual is likely to have potential for, based on the personality test results. These insights are derived from Alva’s test profiles, i.e., the personality profiles that define the suitable personality for different broad job roles. These profiles, in turn, are based on large amounts of existing academic research.

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