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Growth Factors: Potential roles
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The section Potential roles lists roles that the individual is likely to have potential for, based on the personality test results. These insights are derived from Alva’s test profiles, i.e., the personality profiles that define the suitable personality for different broad job roles. These profiles, in turn, are based on large amounts of existing academic research.

If a certain role or domain is listed on your results, it means that your personality results match the requirements, personality-wise, for that particular role. We match your results to our high-complexity profiles, i.e., the most strict version of each test profile.

It is important to note that this section only tells you which roles you are likely to have a basic potential for. It does not tell you anything about your interest in the role in question, which is of course a necessity for it to be an option. Further, any broad job role - whether it be sales, strategic roles, or leadership - will of course also require substantial skill development. Nevertheless, these growth factors can point you in a direction where it might be worthwhile for you to learn more.

Below, you will find an introduction to the different broad areas that can be included in the Potential roles section.

  • Detail-focused roles: With an ability to keep track of the fine print, check facts and proofing, the person has potential to work with e.g. quality assurance, testing, and accounting.

  • Creative roles: The person probably has a curious and innovative mind that loves to come up with new solutions and think outside the box.

  • Customer service: The person is likely to develop into a service champion who always places the client center stage.

  • Leading others: The person has potential to be a people leader who can drive towards ambitious targets and makes others want to follow.

  • Sales: The person is likely to be able to close deals and push sales processes through to the end

  • Strategic roles: The person has potential to be a future-oriented change agent with a strong ability for big-picture, long-term thinking.

  • Verbal communication: The person is likely to grow to an excellent communicator who is able to convey his/her message effectively, both orally and in writing. Examples of roles might include journalist, copywriter, content creator, and teacher.

  • Process-oriented roles: With high tolerance for ambiguity and lack of clear targets, the person is suitable for roles demanding a focus on the process rather than the outcome.

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