Sometimes, you might not be completely satisfied with your logic test result. Below, we will go through a few scenarios that appear from time to time.

  • I did my best, but the results are not as good as I had hoped for.

First of all, remember that the logic test result is one piece of the puzzle when recruiters assess candidates. Through Alva, your logic result will most often be combined with your personality profile. If you have a very suitable personality profile for the job, this will, to some extent, compensate a somewhat lower logic test result.

Second, what is a 'good' logic test result is very much a relative question. Different jobs place different demands on logical ability. Remember that the vast majority of people will get results in the 4-7 range on the 10-point scale. In many jobs, these results will be fully sufficient. The span of results that recruiters look for through Alva can be more or less strict depending on the role.

Third, remember that logic test results should be seen as a competitive advantage, much like height in basketball: It certainly helps, but it's far from the only thing determining success in working life. Hard work, ambition, experience, knowledge, learning orientation, etc all play a vital role.

  • I don't think the results reflect my true logical ability.

Alva's logic test is constructed to have a high degree of certainty. For instance, when people take the test twice, they rarely end up more than 1 point higher or lower than their first result (this is called test-retest reliability). In other words, given that you did your best and nothing in particular affected your performance, it's likely that the results mirror your logical ability.

That being said, there are certain situations where your result might have been affected in a negative way – for instance, if you were disturbed or distracted during test-taking, or if you were very stressed, anxious, or tired.

  • Can I re-take the logic test if I'm not happy with the result?

A retake can be warranted at times, but it requires a good reason, given that the comparison between candidates needs to be as objective as possible. The decision needs to strike a balance between the wishes of the individual candidate, and the importance of giving all candidates an equal chance to perform.

If your results were affected by severe technical problems, a retake should of course be granted. If this happened to you, please reach out to Given that our engineering team can verify the technical problems, you will be able to take the test again.

If you're not happy with your results, and if you later apply for a new position in another organization using Alva, you can choose to retake the test instead of sharing your existing ones.

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