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How to invite candidates through a spreadsheet
How to invite candidates through a spreadsheet
Save time inviting many candidates by uploading a spreadsheet in Alva
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Sometimes you might have a spreadsheet of candidate email addresses, and you want to send an invite to all of them. That is certainly possible!

Inviting candidates through a spreadsheet

First make sure there is a column titled “email” in the spreadsheet, under which you have all the email addresses of the candidates. This is very important. It might also be helpful to add columns for the candidates’ first names and last names, but this is not required.

Once you have that, go to your Alva account and then to the candidate overview. To invite candidates through your spreadsheet, press the “Add candidate” button on the right of the candidate overview page. Once you have a pop-up, press “Import from file”.

You will then be able to import a CSV or Excel file to this pop-up and choose if you would like to send a test invitation to the candidates in the list or not. The candidates will appear on the candidate overview page automatically once the spreadsheet is uploaded.

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