Inviting candidates is easy. There are two possible ways to invite candidates to complete the assessments. You can either create a public signup page for your job position to share with the candidates or you can manually add candidates and send personal email invitations directly from Alva.

If you are using Alva through Teamtailor or Jobylon please follow specific instructions;
-Instructions for how to invite candidates through Teamtailor HERE.  
-Instructions for how to invite candidates through Jobylon HERE

You can leverage this template to communicate to the candidates about Alva assessment. 

Manually invite candidates: 

Go to your job position and the “Manage candidate” tab. Press “Add candidate” and type in the candidate information to add the candidate. You will be asked to send an invitation email to the candidate. Press "Yes, send invitation".

You can also trigger an automatic invitation to multiple candidates at the same time. Just check the boxes left to each name and press "Send invitations". This will trigger the automatic email and can also be used as a reminder to incomplete candidates.

Create a public signup page 

1 Go to the job position you have created on Alva Labs and go to Settings, the tab to the far right within your job position. Press “Public page” at the bottom. 

2 To share the public signup page with candidates for this position you need to enable the page. This will allow everyone who clicks the link to sign up and receive a personal link to complete the assessments and allow the data to feed into the "Candidate evaluation tab" for this specific position. You do this by activating the “Enable public page” function. 

Just copy the link to the public signup page and share with candidates. Once the candidates click the link and activate their account they will automatically be added to your “Manage candidate” tab in Alva and once they have completed the assessments you will find their results under the “Evaluate candidates” tab. 

Customize the title and instructions

If you leave the field for “Page title” as well as “Page instructions” empty they will auto-populate with a prewritten statement. Press “Preview” to see this message. Otherwise, you can add your own title and instructions, press “Save” and then preview the page to find your customized content on the assessment signup page. 

Alva support

Leverage the intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner on the platform. 

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