What is Team Fit?

What purpose does Team Fit serve – and for who?

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Our Team Fit function helps recruiters and hiring managers to get insight into how a given candidate’s personality relates to that of the existing team they are hiring for.

Equipping oneself with an overview of an existing team’s dynamics and how a new hire may affect that dynamic can improve hiring outcomes.

For example, research suggests the following actions increase the likelihood of building a high-performing team:

  • Increase the team's average level of Agreeableness, which is related to improved team processes such as collaboration and information sharing.

  • Increase the team's average level of Conscientiousness, which is related to higher individual job performance and a tendency for team members to step in and assist each other with their work.

You can find references to more research on the topic here.

Our recommendation is to consider Team fit at the final stages of your hiring process when you are down to a few final candidates – to gain confidence in your new team structure before sending out an offer to your intended hire.

Using Team Fit for internal development

The Team Fit function has been designed and optimized for a recruitment context, not internal team development.

Though, it’s rather common for teams to organize manager, team, or leadership development workshops where Alva’s personality results are shared and used as a method for team members to better understand themselves and each other.

This is ultimately up to you and your team. We encourage you to reach out to our customer support or your dedicated customer success manager if you are looking for more guidance on how to best structure and run this type of exercise.

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