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Starting and Submitting Your Coding Test
Starting and Submitting Your Coding Test

Follow step-by-step instructions to start and submit your coding test during the interview process for a seamless experience.

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This support article will guide you through the process of starting and submitting your coding test during the interview process. Follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth experience as you work on and submit your coding test results.

Starting Your Coding Test

  1. Upon receiving an invitation email from the hiring team for a coding test, review the assessment details, which may include logic, personality, and coding tests.

  2. Click "Go to your assessment" in the email to navigate to the Alva app (this will not start your assessment yet).

  3. On your assessment page, click "Open test" in the "Coding Test" tile to access the coding test description, hosted as a git repository on GitHub (a GitHub account is required).

  4. Carefully follow the README instructions to complete your task. Note that, unlike psychometric tests, coding tests do not have a timer, so you can safely click the link and return to your coding test later.

Submitting Your Test Results

  1. Follow the README instructions to submit your solution, typically done by creating a Pull Request on your repository.

  2. Once you have submitted your solution, ensure that the status of your coding test on your assessment page has changed to "Completed".

  3. Expect further communication from the hiring team regarding your test results and next steps in the interview process.


By following the steps in this support article, you can effectively start and submit your coding test as part of your interview process.

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