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Alva's coding tests via GitHub
Alva's coding tests via GitHub

Learn how to interact with GitHub for Alva's coding tests.

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All of Alva's coding tests are hosted on GitHub. If you are unfamiliar with GitHub, this article will get you started with the basics.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a web-based platform that provides version control using Git. It is primarily used for code hosting and allows multiple developers to collaborate on projects. The platform enables users to manage projects, track changes, and collaborate with others globally.

Accessing Your Coding Test

When you receive an invitation to take part in a coding test via Alva, you are also given access to a specific GitHub repository. This repository is generated uniquely for you and contains all the necessary instructions and files for your coding test. As soon as you click Start test from the landing page in Alva, you will be granted access to your unique repository.

Working on your assignment via GitHub

GitHub serves to host the challenge that you will be working on, and as a way to submit your results once you are done. The quickest way to get started is by importing one of our challenge boilerplates and working in GitHub's Codespaces. This is an in-browser IDE that directly integrates with the repository. You can also work locally from your computer - see the article linked below for more details!

Submitting Your Test Results

After completing your coding test, you need to submit your results for evaluation. Here's how you submit your code to the hiring team:

  1. Open a Pull Request: Once you are satisfied with your solutions, commit your changes and push them to your repository. Then, create a pull request, which will automatically trigger any required tests to run on your code - giving you a final chance to review that everything works as intended.

  2. Submit via Alva: When your have opened a pull request and are satisfied with the submission, please go back to your Alva Labs landing page and click Submit. If your test is under a time limit the timer will now stop and the hiring team will be notified.

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