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How to use Alva with Bullhorn
How to use Alva with Bullhorn

This is a step by step guide on how to perform certain Alva functions via Bullhorn

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Creating a job

  • Create an Opening (job) in Bullhorn

  • After 5 minutes, the job will be created in Alva.

  • Open Alva and navigate to the settings section of the job position to complete the rest of the set-up process by; selecting relevant assessments, linking them to specific statuses in Bullhorn, selecting a relevant email template, and adjusting any other assessment-related settings

Inviting Candidates

As soon as the status of a candidate is changed in Bullhorn to the relevant status you have linked to the assessment (via the job settings in Alva), the test invitation will be sent to the candidate via email.

View Results

When a candidate completes their test(s), their results will instantly get posted into the candidate's profile.

This is available in the Notes section.

If, for any reason, you make a change to the test profile that is used for a given position, the updated role fit score will be re-written.

By clicking on the URL next to view results, you will be able to view the full test results in Alva.

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