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Reading Alva's Leadership Report
Reading Alva's Leadership Report

A few pointers on how to interpret our leadership insights

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According to substantial research, certain leadership behaviours come more naturally to people with certain personal characteristics. Few individuals are likely to be strong in all areas. Your personality gives you a unique set of strengths and challenges in leadership.

It is important to note that personality is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to leadership. Leadership skills can also be acquired through training and experience. In other words, a personality test only gives a general indication of where strengths and challenges lie, and should be taken as one valuable data point among several others.

Alva's Leadership Report tells you whether each area in the above-mentioned framework is likely to be a strength, a challenge, or sufficient.

  • A possible strength is an area where your characteristics give you a natural head start. The behaviors included come easily to you, and you are likely to excel.

  • ‘Likely sufficient’ marks an area where your personal qualities work moderately in your favor, or where you have a combination of strengths and challenges. These are areas where you have a good chance of improving with training.

  • A possible challenge is an area where you are likely to struggle a bit, since it does not play to your natural strengths. You may need to make a considerable effort to change your behavior in related situations.

Part of being a mature leader is understanding how you are perceived by others. Therefore, this report also depicts how you are likely to come across to your team.

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