To assess candidates through Alva the first step is to create your job position. You will be asked to name the job position, identify a relevant test profile (the criteria to evaluate the candidates against), add your hiring team and provide any additional information you like to add to the candidates. Review a short video tutorial or follow the steps below to get you started. Once done, you are ready to invite the candidates!

Add the position

Log into Alva Labs and press “Go to all job positions” on your home page. 

Press “Create new job position” in the top right corner. 

Name the position and press “Create new job position”. 

Select test profile

Next, you are asked to select a test profile - meaning the personality and logic ability criteria you like to evaluate the candidates against when identifying the best fit for the role. If you don't have company specific data of what you are looking for, we recommend you to use Alva’s science-based profiles of which criteria predicts success in a few different types of roles. You can read more about Alva’s science-based test profiles HERE. Please note that all candidates will take the same type of tests no matter which test profile you choose, but the profile will determine what criteria the candidates will be evaluated against. 

Once you have chosen your test profile you can review what the profile looks like by pressing “Overview of Test Profile”. You can change the test profile by pressing “Change profile” in the top right corner.

Add hiring team 

Next you can go to Settings to add the hiring team. The person who creates the job position will automatically be tagged as “responsible” for the position. You can also add anyone who should be involved in the process and hence be able to review the assessment results. 

Create a single signup link to share with all job applicants

To make the invitation process of candidates even easier, you can share a single signup link with all job applicants for a certain position that will take them to an Alva signup page. This will allow you to add this link to a job application ad or simply add to a email template for candidates you like to invite to complete Alva’s assessments. Lear how to do this HERE.

Other functions

You can also change the name of the position, add a job description (or any information you like to share with the candidates on their test page) as well as tag the position to a specific team if you are using Alva for existing employee data such as Team Insights and Performance Reviews/Development. 

You can also choose to exclude one of the assessments if you for some reason don’t like your candidates to complete both the personality and the logic test. At the bottom of this page you can also delete the job position if you like. 

You have now successfully created a job position and the next step is to invite the candidates. Read more of how to invite candidates HERE

Alva support

Leverage the intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner on the platform. 

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